Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Luncheon Date

My husband and I rarely go out for a lunch date together. I can probably count on one hand and part of another how many times we have lunched out in the past 20 years... so I was very excited when we made plans today and actually followed through with them. We decided to go to the Filling Station... a very yummy place, indeed.

I was really happy to be there with Peter... again, let me emphasize that the planets seem to have to align for us to go to lunch alone together... so when I informed Peter that I had brought along a friend, I was happy that he didn't seem to mind... maybe because she is so darn cute.

Then when we discovered Windy-Lou invited Hugs along, well Peter was fine with that as well. (Peter is a swell guy, no doubt.)

And of course, Hugs pretty much goes nowhere without Squoze... so much for our Luncheon Date. Luckily Peter is a “the more the merrier” kind of guy.

Speaking of luck...we were lucky none of us got kicked out of the place... the door sign says it all.

We all had a lovely time and agreed we should go on a Luncheon Date more often.

1 comment: said...

Netty's daughter here, and your story just had me smiling, thinking, and dreaming of a Luncheon Date like that! I am currently with my Mom and am trying to bribe her into making me that GORGEOUS striped dress in my size. :)