Sunday, April 25, 2010

EEEEK!!! Blythe has Leprechaun Spots!!!

Somehow my Blythe, Bonnie B.C., woke up one morning with horrible green spots. I was mortified and shocked... until I realized that I had carelessly laid Bonnie down on some cheap-o St. Patrick's Day beads. Apparently it only took one night for my Blythe to get tattooed by the beads. Needless to say, I wanted to cry.
After my initial freak-out, I posted a "HELP" on Twitter, and started google-ing things like... "stained Blythe", "my Blythe has chicken pox", "spots on my Blythe....EEEEEEEK!," etc. I finally found great information on Yahoo Answers, don't you just love that?!! So I tried the Magic Eraser and no luck.... staying calm, I jumped in the car and ran to the CVS for some zit cream. I lathered her legs, covered her body in a towel, and set her in a sunny window. A few days later, voila!! The spots had faded tremendously!!! I will post new pictures to show the progress. Hopefully, they will all be gone as soon as we have a few more sunny days.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Finally Feeling Better

I can tell I am felling better because I can actually knit without needing to take a nap afterwards.
This cute little sweater is made from the pattern "Basic Top Down Raglan Sweater for Blythe" which can be found on this blog.

I made the sweater as a secret prize for one of my new Blythe friends. I am convinced that our dolls are twins... "separated at factory". Some day they will probably be on an Oprah episode about twins who find each other via Twitter. Who knows...right?!