Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hats With A 'Tude

I just got this knitting book, "Hattitude" by Cathy Carron. Lately, I have been pleased if a knitting book has 4 or 5 projects that I want to make... I feel like the book was a good purchase.
Let me just say, that is not how I feel about "Hattitude". I feel like it was an excellent purchase... Not only did I find at least 6 hats that I want to make for myself, but one of my daughters marked 5 that she is about to die for. And the other daughter.... well.....
...she marked 19 hats that I just have to make her! NINETEEN!!! So the big decision is which one to cast on first. I could probably just randomly open the book and see which one it opens to... or check out my ample stash and match up the project that way. I have some Ozark Handspun and some Burly Spun... maybe I will start the hat called "Romantic". I would make that one for moi! Oh what fun!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Rock and Roll Mitten

I started this mitten the other night at my son's rock and roll show at a bar in Westport. It was about 1 degree F. out that night... and I really felt the need for a decent pair of mittens. Anyway, I am sure it was bad enough for my son to have his mom show up at his gig... and to be knitting!!! Yikes.
This awesome elf hat will go quite well with my mitten(s) when I get them all done. The hat is lacking a tassle at the tip and braided ties. I love wearing things that most adults wouldn't be caught dead in.
Happy New Year!