Saturday, June 5, 2010

Good Juju at Good Juju

When my niece invited me to go to a couple of flea markets with her today, I hesitated for a second when I thought of all the crap around the house that needs attention... but then I had this good feeling... that kind of feeling you get when you know you are going to find a treasure... turns out my feeling was right.

It was at the second place, called Good Juju that I spied her from across the room. Don't know if it was the turquoise dress that caught my attention or the rhinestone buttons on it that flickered in my eye... but there she was... a dirty, creepy Shirley Temple doll with bad hair.

At the checkout, one lady kept looking at me... looking at the doll. She wasn't the lady who took my money, but she was wrapping people's purchases. She asked me if I wanted a bag and I said no, I would probably be gazing at her the whole way home. She said she loved that doll and I said I did, too. Then she told me she got the doll when she was 3 and now she is 55. I told her she was going to a good home. I think she was glad about that.

Time for a dolly bath and hair treatment. Surely, she will look and feel better after it is all over... and HEY! don't call me Shirley!

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Netty said...

I love what you did to this doll!(Saw your 'bath and beauty pictures!) And I am so happy for you that you found this treasure! Does Tank get along with her?