Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dead Girl

This past weekend, Olivia was in a play that took place in a graveyard tucked away in a nearby neighborhood. The graveyard is filled with the descendants of the founders of Johnson County, Kansas and Olivia played the part of Ann Johnson... the niece of Reverend Johnson, who founded the Shawnee Indian Mission. Ann died when she was 14. The play was about the various people who lived at the mission and each actor basically did a monologue about their daily life and some of the historical incidents that took place there as well. Olivia did a really great job. I thought the whole thing was going to be a little like "Waiting for Gufman" but it was actually really cool. They did 4 performances on both Saturday and Sunday.

Genevieve and Olivia and I were looking at this photograph (and the one above.) G and I noticed the pink foggy stuff around the ground. Genevieve is certain that it is the ghost of Ann Johnson. I bet we could get this on some sort of bad ghost hunting show with this (like the ones on the History Channel). Do you suppose Ann Johnson likes the color magenta?

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