Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Shire

I had the most fun at the wonderful store, Florilegium in Parkville, Missouri... (just a few minutes from downtown Kansas City.) A few weeks ago, David Gentzsch of Ozark Handspun was at Florilegium conducting a wonderful felting class, followed by a great fashion show featuring all sorts of clothes, hats, wraps, and other accessories made with Ozark Handspun.
Notice the book in the picture above? Well, I was thrilled to find that my new wonderful book, Hattitude by Cathy Carron had two hat patterns using Ozark Handspun!

I decided to make the hat called "Romantic" to wear to the workshop... I already had the Ozark Handspun in my stash... I wore it to the workshop and fashion show... it was a hit. I named it "the Shire" cause it feels a little like a Hobbit might like to live in it.
(Me and the Shire and David Gentzsch at Florilegium!)

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