Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hats With A 'Tude

I just got this knitting book, "Hattitude" by Cathy Carron. Lately, I have been pleased if a knitting book has 4 or 5 projects that I want to make... I feel like the book was a good purchase.
Let me just say, that is not how I feel about "Hattitude". I feel like it was an excellent purchase... Not only did I find at least 6 hats that I want to make for myself, but one of my daughters marked 5 that she is about to die for. And the other daughter.... well.....
...she marked 19 hats that I just have to make her! NINETEEN!!! So the big decision is which one to cast on first. I could probably just randomly open the book and see which one it opens to... or check out my ample stash and match up the project that way. I have some Ozark Handspun and some Burly Spun... maybe I will start the hat called "Romantic". I would make that one for moi! Oh what fun!

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