Saturday, February 27, 2010

Big Plans... not.

Okay... so I had big plans for knitting these past couple of days. Lots of knitting... lots of needle clicking, color play and finishing projects... oh, yes. I had big knitting plans and couldn't wait to start...but my daughters had plans of their own. They both decided to make these awesome gifts for their friend who requested money to save for a laptop instead of random gifts for her birthday. Genevieve thought it would be hilarious to make a T-shirt purse with a One Thousand Dollar bill on it. I wish she had made me one. The braided handle is extra groovy... and all the hand stitching looks really cool.
Olivia made a laptop softie. On the outside where the apple usually occupies, she made a muffin... her friend's nickname is NerdMuffin.
When the laptop opens, you see this cheery little guy. Don't you just want to trade in your real laptop for something that dang cute?! So now that the girls are at their party and the table is full of polar fleece and t-shirt scraps... maybe, just maybe, I will have time to do a little knitting! Oh wait... it's time to pick them up from the party! Nevermind.

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Karen said...

Wow! I knew you guys were up to something, but I did not realize how cool your projects were until I saw these pictures. Your friends are so lucky to get these gifts! - Karen